Move-Out Policies & Procedures

Moving is always a chaotic event, so we’ve created this guide to help you understand what is expected of you when you move out.  Everyone wants to get their security deposit back and following these guidelines will help to ensure the best outcome. As always if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Move Out Policies

  1. Before a move out, a thirty (30) or sixty (60) day written notice is required as defined by your lease. Fill out your Moving Notice form here.
  2. The Security Deposit will not be considered last month’s rent, you will receive any refund within thirty days of your move out date.
  3. Tenant must follow the “Move Out Instructions” prior to vacating the home.
  4. Upon move out, please schedule a time to deliver your keys and provide your forwarding address.

Moving Out Instructions:

  1. Cancel Utilities:
    • Cable TV and Internet
    • Water
    • Electric
  2. Forward your Mail.  You won’t be able to come back and check your old mailbox so be sure to notify the Postal Service at 
  3. Report Damages. Make a list of anything that is broken and report it to Landlord. If the landlord has more time to prepare for the repair, it will be less costly for you if you are liable.
  4. Remove all your trash and treasures. You’ll want to remove everything that that does not belong to the landlord. 
  5. Clean the Premises. Remember to clean the inside and exterior of the property. For more details see our Cleaning Guide.
  6. Return keys and parking passes to your Landlord by the time stated in your lease.

Final Inspection

Inform Landlord when the property is clean and ready for a Final Inspection. All tenants must be moved out and keys returned before the final inspection can take place. You do not need to be present for the final inspection.

If you would like a few days to fix anything (extra cleaning or repairs) that the landlord is dissatisfied with, please schedule the inspection 3-4 days prior to lease end.

Move Out Cleaning Instructions:

How much cleaning should you do if you are leaving? Your goal is to return your unit in the same condition as when you moved in, less any normal wear and tear.  Give everything a good wipe down and scrub what’s necessary.  Sweep or vacuum the floors, mop if necessary.  Ask yourself if you would be happy to move in to a new place that was in the condition you are leaving it.  

If you need more details, check out our detailed cleaning instructions here.

Estimated Costs of Repairs and Cleaning

It is important to take care of your home throughout your residency. Tenants are not responsible for normal wear and tear, although excessive wear and tear and neglect may incur charges. Below is a list of estimated charges of assorted items or jobs that may sometimes be required after a residence is vacated. All charges estimates and include labor and any parts or materials required. 


  • Clean refrigerator $70.00
  • Clean stove top $30.00
  • Replace stove drip-bowls $28.00
  • Clean oven $50.00
  • Clean stove hood $30.00
  • Clean kitchen cabinets $45.00
  • Clean kitchen floor $50.00
  • Clean tub/shower and surround (ea.) $30.00
  • Clean toilet and sink (per bath) $20.00
  • Clean bathroom. cabinets and floor $25.00
  • Clean carpets (per room) $75.00
  • Vacuum throughout dwelling $40.00
  • Window cleaning (per unit) $11.00
  • Clean greasy parking spaces (ea.) $25.00
  • Clean fireplace $35.00


  • Cigarette burn in floor $80.00
  • Repair hardwood floor $95.00
  • Refinish hardwood floor $380.00
  • Repair vinyl plank flooring $85.00
  • Replace vinyl plank flooring $385.00
  • Replace porcelain tile $150.00
  • Steam clean grout $100.00


  • Replace key $5.00
  • Replace door lock $47.00
  • Replace passage doorlock $28.00
  • Replace deadbolt lock $47.00


  • Replace refrigerator shelf $25.00
  • Replace stove/oven knob $16.00
  • Repair ceramic tile $150.00
  • Replace countertop $275.00
  • Replace kit/bath cabinet knobs $10.00
  • Replace mirror $45.00
  • Replace towel bar $22.00
  • Replace tub/shower enclosure $195.00
  • Re-grout bath/shower tiles $165.00
  • Repair porcelain $135.00
  • Replace thermostat $75.00
  • Replace fire extinguisher $35.00
  • Remove junk and debris $250.00
  • Replace doorbell unit $50.00


  • Remove mildew and treat surface $25.00
  • Cover crayon/marker/pen marks $35.00
  • Repair hole in wall $55.00
  • Remove wallpaper $145.00
  • Repaint (per wall/ceiling) $20.00


  • Repair hole in hollow core door $55.00
  • Repair forced door damage $75.00
  • Replace door (inside) $155.00
  • Replace door (outside) $285.00
  • Replace sliding glass door $775.00
  • Replace sliding door screen $65.00


  • Replace light bulb $2.50
  • Replace light fixture globe $12.00
  • Replace light fixture $55.00
  • Replace electrical outlet/switch $12.00
  • Replace electrical cover plate $5.50


  • Replace kitchen faucet $195.00
  • Replace bathroom faucet $195.00
  • Replace shower head $24.00
  • Replace toilet tank lid $45.00
  • Replace toilet seat $35.00
  • Replace toilet $265.00
  • Replace garbage disposer $125.00
  • Snake Toilet $45.00
  • Clear sewer/cesspool line $95.00


  • Replace window pane $75.00
  • Replace Venetian or Mini blind (ea) $75.00
  • Replace window screen $25.00


  • Major yard Cleanup $425.00
  • Minor yard Cleanup $225.00
  • Mow lawn front and back $50.00
  • Clean gutters $185.00
  • Trim bushes $20.00